Since we took over the reigns here back in April, there has been many changes that have been happening, many behind the scenes, but nonetheless - had to be done! Heating has been a major factor for us, in hindsight perhaps Summer would have been a better time to take over, however this opportunity presented itself just before Winter and we have been playing catch up ever since. 

We feel we have retained many of the charms that makes the Shearers Quarters what it is. We are not an air conditioned, clinical and uncharacteristic eating hall. Our features are rustic, family friendly with happy healthy animals, great food and coffee.

Please find below an extensive list of all the alterations that have been taken place and we are still on the path to GREATNESS!!

  • Built a private party room with sound proofing and own heating

  • Added extra seating and tables where the gift shop was – as only other extra was outside

  • Added insulation to the café

  • Installed low energy lighting

  • Put hand dryers in to the café toilets to cut down on rubbish from paper hand towels

  • Painted the playground and repaired it

  • Trimmed back all trees and plants and hedges around the outside seating and the mini golf course

  • Cleaned the mini golf course and continue with ongoing repairs

  • Consulted with Zoo Keeper, Vets and Farmers to make animals healthy and improve living conditions

  • Renovated cages for animals

  • Increased animals and continue to add new ones – like goats and turtle

  • Filled up holes in the carparking area

  • Added a new kids menu – main menu and buffet menus

  • Changed the brand of coffee to Allpress – a boutique bean

  • Set up new Advertising and social media for customers to contact us better

  • Made The Shearers Quarters Smokefree – for families

  • Increasing the decoration of the extra space and the rest of the café

  • Employed a Builder/Farmer who is repairing and building constantly, and will enhance the café for long term improvements

  • Improved surfaces of existing tables

  • Purchased a new food cabinet