Farm Yard Fun

Even though it may be cold out there our gorgeous animals are still here, looking even more beautiful with some having their winter coats on.  The farmyard at The Shearer's Quarters has become one of it's most popular attractions. The collection of farm animals has snowballed over the years.
A bridge in the same enclosure leads to a pond where our cluster of Peking ducks live. Dotted around the place are our other feathered friends, large grey Happy Hen. They are completely free range 24-7, and are happy to exist under the feet, and hooves of all the other animals !

Evening Dining

The Shearers Quarters has developed a wonderful new Evening dining menu available on Saturday and Sunday nights, an option not available here before.
Experience the warmth of the open fire and cosy rustic atmosphere.
We focus on providing fare that is sourced locally, ensuring freshness and superb quality.
Our most popular choices are:
Fillet of beef cooked to your liking on a caramelised onion rosti accompanied with
balsamic roasted tomatoes and a rosemary jus
Slow cooked lamb shank on creamy mash served with roasted onions & garlic &
a red current jus
Browse our Menu options where you will also find a comprehensive Kids Menu